The Silk Road connected the people of our ancient world. It encompassed a series of trade routes upon which merchants traveled to sell and exchange their goods. These merchants were immersed in new cultures and languages, experienced new ways of living, and met people they never forgot. Although trade was the driving force behind their expeditions, the travelers became forever changed through their journey on the Silk Road. I’m Scott, I’m 24 years old and I’m attempting to embark on my own Silk Road journey. I will post an item for trade and if you want to offer something in exchange, send me an email with a description and a picture.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7th Trade Item: Aragorn son of Arathorn, called Elessar, the Elfstone, DĂșnadan, the heir of Isildur Elendil's son of Gondor

I traded the rubberband ball with Henry. Henry said that he has always wanted to make a rubberband ball, but has never gotten around to it. Now I have Aragorn! This toy is waterproof, so you can play with it in the bath tub. Email me if you want to trade. In the picture below, Aragorn is taking a nap.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6th Trade Item: Rubber Band Ball

I am back! I haven’t made a trade in a long time; I have been focused completely on school. I am free now, at least for the next six months, while I do an internship in Jacksonville, Florida. My wife and I drove to Jacksonville from Salt Lake City, and it took three tiring days. I loved it though because I have never seen any states east of Utah. 

In Iowa, the Missouri river flooded and we had to drive through water on a section of the freeway. We then had to take a detour that took us to a small town in Iowa. We decided to stop at the local grocery store to get some treats. My wife and I felt like we were celebrities because when we walked in everyone, I mean EVERYONE, stared at us. I almost felt insecure, like something was wrong with me. Maybe they just saw how gorgeous my wife is and they were wondering how I, being so ugly, got her. I guess our style was just kinda foreign to them.

While I was waiting for my wife to go to the potty a lady asked me if I was from “around here.” When I told her I’m from Utah she said, “Wow, Utah! What are you doing out here?!” (I didn’t know Utah was so cool). We talked for a little while longer and she was a very nice lady. Other than that, Nebraska is too long of a state, St Louis has a cool arch, Kentucky has crazy thunderstorms, and Georgia has the most drastic southern drawl I’ve ever heard.

I didn’t have much time to make a trade and post before I left. I wanted to trade along the way here, but I guess I will have to trade on the way home. Literally ten minutes before I hopped in the car, I woke my little sister up and asked her what she wanted to trade me. She had the perfect item: a rubber band ball. I could not believe she would make that trade. It was her lose and my gain. She got a TV and I got a large rubber band ball. She said she inherited the rubber band ball from my older sister. 

I know millions of people right now are in need of a rubber band ball. I will probably receive emails from all around the world because it will be a hot item. I hope Gmail can handle the email volume. I have not counted the rubber bands on the ball and I do not know the diameter, but I do know it bounces high. 

The rubber band ball is now up for trade! Life has brought me to Jacksonville, Florida. Now let’s see where my silk road takes me.

 The pencil does not come with the rubber band ball; it just gives you perspective. The ball is quite large.