The Silk Road connected the people of our ancient world. It encompassed a series of trade routes upon which merchants traveled to sell and exchange their goods. These merchants were immersed in new cultures and languages, experienced new ways of living, and met people they never forgot. Although trade was the driving force behind their expeditions, the travelers became forever changed through their journey on the Silk Road. I’m Scott, I’m 24 years old and I’m attempting to embark on my own Silk Road journey. I will post an item for trade and if you want to offer something in exchange, send me an email with a description and a picture.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5th Trade Item: Phillips TV

Yes I am still here and alive. Yes I did make a trade today. Yes his name was Dan if you were wondering. Dan is a college student that lives with his parents and is enjoying the ride of life. When I got to Dan's house, in Salt Lake City, Utah, it seemed as if nobody was home. Dan happened to be taking a Sunday nap. Even though he was woken up, he still was just as happy as a doorbell. Dan got the speakers and I got a Phillips TV. Dan saw the TV, knew it needed a home, and he wanted to be a part of my Silk Road. This TV is not a flat screen, but it does have a screen on it. My friend that is pretty cool and stuff has a Phillips TV too so if you trade me and have one too you can be cool and stuff too! Sometimes if the lighting is right you can see your reflection in the TV screen, so it could be used as a mirror. The TV is up for trade now, so send me your emails if you would like to trade me for it. Yes it comes with a remote. Yes most doorbells are happy, besides the grumpy ones. And yes Christmas is coming up!

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  1. Fancy that! And Dan oh Dan... just got your Christmas card and I'm still laughing about it!!! By the way...was that tv made in the 1800's?