The Silk Road connected the people of our ancient world. It encompassed a series of trade routes upon which merchants traveled to sell and exchange their goods. These merchants were immersed in new cultures and languages, experienced new ways of living, and met people they never forgot. Although trade was the driving force behind their expeditions, the travelers became forever changed through their journey on the Silk Road. I’m Scott, I’m 24 years old and I’m attempting to embark on my own Silk Road journey. I will post an item for trade and if you want to offer something in exchange, send me an email with a description and a picture.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

4th Trade Item: Pioneer Speakers

Mike (the one holding the speakers above) was the eager recipient of the Sleep Number pillow. I, in return, received a set of Pioneer speakers. Don't the speakers just look so lovely?! Between finals, work, and all of lifes other demands, I have had very little time-you know how it goes. So, the trade with Mike was great because he lives in the town of Lehi, Utah. Lehi is conveniently located between Draper, where I live, and Provo, where I work and go to school. Mike is a big fan of Sleep Number pillows. In fact, he has had three in the past! Mike lent his last Sleep Number pillow to a friend, who happened to be homeless. Mike's pillow was never returned. But luckily for Mike, he found me on my Silk Road. The moral of the story is, be charitable to the homeless, but don't lend them your pillows.

I want you to think right now what you want to trade me. I know you have something. 

Have you thought about it yet? Now email me. It doesn't matter where you live or what you have to trade. The more items I am able to trade, the more diverse my road will be.

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